Are you feeling stressed out? You’re not alone. The holiday season can be one of the most fun and joyful times of year, but it also brings with it its own set of anxieties and stressors. Crowded malls, work deadlines, visiting relatives and gifts still unbought can really bring you down. But we’ve got the perfect solution – for both you and anyone on your gift list this year: our Ribbon Breath Meditation CD.

Meditation can help calm and center you. It’s got very real physical, mental and emotional benefits, but many people don’t try it because they’re not sure how. With our CD, you’ll get a guided approach to successful meditation. Proper meditation should be seen as a skill – something you can take with you and use throughout your life. With just a little bit of consistency and dedication, you’d be amazed at how much better you feel.

The Ribbon Breath Meditation method is particularly useful in alleviating stress. This guided CD will take you through your “chakras” or levels of energy within your body. We’ll help you achieve a state of deep relaxation using a soothing combination of voice and music. This type of meditation was created by Ticia Agri, an expert in meditation healing methods, and you’ll soon see why it’s been effective and helpful for so many people.

While this CD can surely make a huge impact in your own life, don’t forget to pass on the gift of peace and calm to your loved ones this holiday season. With more and more people around the world putting a greater focus on their health, happiness and achieving a work-life balance, this gift is sure to be appreciated. You’re telling this person that you care about them and their well-being – and isn’t that sort of the point of the holiday season anyway?

Order your Ribbon Breath Meditation CD today and get it in time for the holidays! Got questions about Meditation Healing? We’d love to hear from you. Email us at or call us at 530-621-2213 to learn more.

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