Moms work so hard to make our lives better and easier. This Mother’s Day, why not give her a gift that could last a lifetime – Ribbon Breath Meditation?

Mother's Day GiftMeditation can have a truly impressive effect on a person, but most people aren’t familiar with the practice. If your mom or a special woman in your life has ever seemed a little bit stressed out or overworked, helping them find the benefits of meditation can have a serious impact on their everyday life.

Ribbon Breath Meditation is a guided meditation process that takes students on a journey through the chakras, which is the energy system in the human body. It works to promote body, mind, emotional and spiritual health and balance. Meditation is not just about taking a few minutes a day to yourself; it’s also about relearning how your body works and listening to it to become more in tune with your own energy system.

A popular meditation since its introduction in the 1990s, Ribbon Breath Meditation has reached thousands of people and changed the way they meditate and live their lives. The Ribbon Breath Meditation CD comes with a 20-page booklet to help first-time mediation practitioners explore and learn about each chakra, and details the mantras, actions and even food and color frequencies that stimulate each one.

Starting a journey of meditation can have restorative and life-changing impacts on a person, but they first have to know that the ability to be in tune with your body and your chakras is out there. The Ribbon Breath CD is a great place for beginners to start, and makes a great gift for someone who is often giving all of what they have for their children and families.

Learn more about this restorative meditation practice online now, and place an order for the Ribbon Breath Meditation CD now for the special mom in your life this Mother’s Day. For questions or to learn more about healing sessions and classes, call 530-621-2213 today.

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