Spring is in the air, and it’s one of our favorite seasons here at Meditation Healing. Spring is a time of rebirth, rejuvenation, regrowth and new life. It’s a perfect time to recommit yourself to caring for your mind and body, and one of the best ways to do that is to re-find and re-center yourself through our Ribbon Breath Meditation.

Meditation Ribbon Breath Meditation is a journey through the chakras, or the energy system of the human body, to promote body, mind, emotional and spiritual health and balance.

This method works by taking you into a deep state of relaxation or an altered state of consciousness. Then, your mind and body uses the chakras, the music, color frequencies and the voice of your meditation coach, Ticia Agri, to get you deep inside yourself on a sensory basis. Once you commit to using this method daily, you’ll develop new neural pathways that will make achieving this state of relaxation easier and easier each time you mediate.

Once you become acquainted with this conscious state, you’ll discover yourself, your focus and your power. Your conscious awareness of the world around you will grow, your immune system will become even stronger, and your mind will become even clearer. You’ll learn to hone the development of the right brain, which is the creative side, and will find yourself being more creative, calm and collected in every aspect of your life.

Ticia Agri, a meditation practitioner and teacher, created this method of mediation in 1996 at The Light & Healing Center in New Hampshire. Since her students enjoyed the meditation so much, they asked her to record it so that they could revisit the meditation daily at home. In 1997, it was set to music. Today, countless tapes have been given out at workshops and thousands more have been purchased by meditators across the country. Now, we offer the original recording in CD format, and many consider it to be the best meditation CD available on the market today.

Purchase your own copy of the Ribbon Breath Meditation CD online now or call me today at 530-621-2213 to learn more.

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